Friday, February 09, 2007

Karen and Kyle's wedding...we had a good time, Praise Jesus!!!

Last Saturday my old roomate Karen married Kyle in Seattle. It was a reunion of sorts...most the girls from 746, or the Capitol Hill House, were there.

It was an eventful evening, starting with me getting lost in a parking garage! Yes, I couldn't even walk out of a parking garage to get to the hotel where the wedding was being held, even though I could see the hotel across the street. It was hugely frustrating...I don't get lost very often. I just kept getting in to different elevators, going up and down, moving my car, and walking the length of this gigantic garage. And I was all dressed up, in heels, carrying this present, telling myself not to cry or I'd mess up my make-up. Dark, empty parking garages are not fun places.

But I made it...right in the middle of the processional! They had me walk in after the parents and before the bride's maids...I know people thought I was part of the wedding party...and then, when I sat down, I was half-way in the lap of my neighbor! A complete stranger to me...although a handsome young man...

After that, it was just a good you'll be able to see from the pictures. Karen was beautiful...honestly, I think she wore my most favorite dress ever. We were in a hotel that looked over the Puget Sound and ferries came in and out in the distance. Yummy food, gorgeous flowers, great wine, bad dancing....and good friends.

Some other thoughts: white girls can't dance, praise Jesus, Karen's mom is a great dancer and true confidante.

I talked for a long time with Rosie...which is always good. For me, she is a true prophet....not that she predicts the future, but she encourages me and also admonishes me. Wish I was able to be around her more...

Chad Dale documented the evening by sitting back and quietly taking a ton of photos (although we did get him out to the dance floor once!)...I thank him for the ones you find here. I'd also like to thank Jason Jost for saving me a place to sit and for moving my car at the opportune moment.

Talking to Rosie....

White Girls Can't Dance

Praise Jesus

Karen's Back


Why can't we get this picture right?


la femme elisabeth said...

Great pics, April! You look beautiful.

Courtney said...

I concur; you look so pretty! It looks like you all had such a good times. I love getting together with old friends. Love you:)

angela said...

quite! my goodness. what fun pictures.

i hear st. louis is lovely in april, april lovely in st. louis... hint. hint. hint.

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