Monday, October 30, 2006

Pumpkin Bars for the FBI...?

Nope, this time they were pumpkin bars for a little Murder Mystery party my sister and brother had at their home...for whom, I'll add, are so much more fun to make pumpkin bars for than the FBI. And they're nicer, too!
In these pics, you'll find my decidedly balding brother-in-law who was Hannibal Schlecter, the worlds only kosher eating cannibal...he bic-ed his head just for the event. It was decidedly creepy.
I'm Madam Aretha Garlique...a fortune teller who ends up being a vampire!
My sis wasn't in any of the photos, but she looked so great as Lizzie Bordeaux, a Frech hotelier.
And, as you can see, everybody had a good time, good wine, good food, good laughter...and I ended up dead!


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