Thursday, September 16, 2010


As my belly bubbles and spills over my pants,
the beginning of being round with child~
I find I can never get enough to eat.
I fill my mouth in an effort to quiet the pangs in my stomach,
hoping that for a little while
I will be satisfied.

a quiet contentment?
an easy laziness?
a feeling that I have the answers~
I've eaten my fill
I no longer need to search for food.

I've filled myself
I've learned and I know and I no longer need.

There are times now,
when I'm afraid to even take a drink of water~
for fear of awakening the monster
hunger inside of me.

The one I cannot satisfy~
the one that is satisfied
with no less than all.

"Take, eat; this is My body..." Matt. 26:26

I'm linking up with 'in the hush of the moon' and Imperfect Prose Thursdays.

Bread and wine is a Google image

Make sure to check out Romanian Wifery (see the tabs above) today as I'm highlighting what we ate and drank while in Paris and London!!! (It's an eating theme here on Learning today!) And seriously, it took hours to upload these photos, so please take a look and read the stories....especially the one about our anniversary dinner!


emily wierenga said...

oh, i love this april... i love how you made the bread of life so clear to me in this post, without preaching... through poetry. and how you made me long to be pregnant again :) in spite of being ravenous... i love that you linked up, and found me, for your words are beautiful. bless you, sister. e.

John Shumate said...

Thank you, April. What an odd sense we've attached to 'satisfaction.' You made me think.

Frank And Lela said...

I AM SO HUNGRY!!! That food from the Wifery Paris area looked INCREDIBLE! While I cannot go to Paris and satisfy this "jones", I can watch Ratatouille, which will just have to do for now. :-(

Kati patrianoceu said...

I don't think I'd ever really thought of how taking a little drink of water sparks a greater hunger, and the deeper parallels! But it's so true! Thank you.

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