Monday, October 13, 2008

Klepac Dinner

Our friends Joel and Monica (with whom we serve here in Galati) are in the states on a medical leave for the son Simeon. We aren't sure when they will return, so we threw them a dinner before they left. They've been gone just over a week, but we (I) sure do miss them. Please pray for them. If you want to know more, click HERE to see their blog.

Another Walk/Hike

I didn't take this photo (Bela did with my camera), but it was the only one taken and sort of sums up the day. Isn't it lovely?

Mad Song Writing Skills

Most everyone knows I kill it with my song writing skills...I've written thousands. Although most of them I can't remember. But who can forget: Stop! for all our sakes, before my bladder breaks!
Most recently: Baby Grace, Baby Grace you've got snot on your face, but you're still pretty....
And: Norah, we adore, ya! You're the one, the one for us...and you ride a big school bus!
Well, today I went bi-lingual with my gift:
Oh Cristina, dragutica
Oh Cristina, cumentica
Oh Cristina, ce pisica?
Oh Cristina, unde bunica?
Oh Cristina, mama frica
Oh Cristina, nu la strica
Oh Cristina, si Silvica (repeat)

She was impressed...lots of giggling. Even started repeating it with my name inserted instead of hers. Some kids were envious...I'll be starting on other names soon. I mean, wouldn't you be envious? Don't you want a song with your name in it?

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Tastebuds and Blossoms

My sister Jamie (Busch Family Blog) just started a new blog called Tastebuds and must check it out...lots of 'family friendly' recipes...and she's a great cook so you can trust that if it's a posted recipe it probably tastes pretty darn good. Click HERE to go to the site...

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Coolest Parents Ever????

For awhile now my dad has been looking for a certain tree in the middle of a certain desert where a certain music group once took their picture for a certain album cover (which just happens to be my favorite album by this group...for certain nostalgic reasons). Well, this last weekend, my parents found it! Click here to see what I'm talking have to agree that it's about the coolest thing ever. I mean, what over 60 year old parents go searching off-road for the site where their kids' favorite band once took their picture? So glad they found what they were looking for...bad pun, I know.(photo from UKrecord shop)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Christmas Cards

Please visit our Word Made Flesh Romania to order Christmas cards made by our kids...
(click the words Word Made Flesh Romania...)

hiking in the fall

Last Saturday a few of us went hiking/walking through the was beautiful. We also took a couple kids and they were lots of fun.

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